Want to Eat More Plants?!

You've come to the right place!  Wherever you are in your plant-based journey, I'm here to help. I can help educate you on the benefits of plant-based eating and help you phase out the meat and dairy in your diet.

Enroll in an Email Course

You can start your journey by subscribing to one of my email courses.  This month's 5-Day Sugar Detox seeks to get you back on track after eating all those yummy, sugary holiday treats.  Or if you're wanting to go plant-based (or vegetarian) check out the Veg Pledge Mini-Course.  

One-on-One Coaching

You can work with me in One-on-One Coaching sessions.  During coaching, we work together to identify why you’re seeking a change, where you are seeking improvement, what’s holding you back and how to move forward.  This may be figuring out how to get started on a plant-based journey, how to navigate obstacles that are in your path, how to stock your pantry, how to meal plan, how to cook, and so on.