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Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle Email Series

More and more people are looking for ways to make sustainable changes to improve health, prevent disease, and protect the environment. There’s only one solution - going plant-based!

During this newsletter series, we'll explore what it means to go plant-based as we cover research showing the health benefits of a plant-based diet.



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the Veg Pledge Mini Course

Going vegan (or vegetarian) isn't always easy.  It is important to understand your "why"....your motivation for wanting to eat more plants and less animals.  This holistic course leads you on an exploration of your relationship with meat and dairy products to help you understand why cravings happen and to support you when cravings strike.

Each of the 9 classes in this mini course discusses strategies and provides actionable steps to get your plant-based journey started off on the right foot.  A few yummy recipes are also included to give you a "taste" of the goodness offered with whole-food, plant-based eating.  Within 10 days you'll be on your way to leading a whole-food, plant-based life!  



Holistic Health


5-Day Sugar Detox

Sugar is so sneaky, and a lot of times we’re consuming WAY more than we think. In fact, most of us eat or drink 3x the recommended amount of sugar each and every day!

If you’ve been eating a lot of sugar, cutting back can be tough! You might feel tired and moody, experience cravings, and more. Getting rid of added sugars can make major improvements in your health, your mood, your energy, how you move, your skin tone and of course, your waistline.

This program will give you a complete step-by-step plan to eliminate those added sugars and get your body and your health back on track.  When you purchase the detox, you'll download a zip file containing a 14-page Success Manual and Worksheet.  

The Success Manual gives you:

  • Detox Basics

  • Explanation of Natural Sugar, Added Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohols

  • Challenge Steps

  • A List of Names to Help You Identify Added Sugar

  • 10 Tips for Eliminating Sugar

  • Fast & Easy Low-Sugar Snack Ideas



Meal Prep Email Series

When you’re busy, convenience is key. If you’ve been relying too much on vending machine snacks and drive through foods, it's  time to re-evaluate your habits. If you’re ready to start spending less money, 
and eating more nutritious foods, join me and learn how a little meal prepping can go a long way for your health, happiness, and wallet!



Metabolism Email Series

Everyone talks about it, but what is it? How can you optimize it?


I'll dive into Metabolism during this email series with actionable tips to help you rev up your metabolism through nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, hormonal optimization, sleep and more!



the Metabolic Jumpstart Mini Course

This mini course targets the 5 most important components that can help you boost your metabolism.  And, they're components you actually have control over.


Within just a few days, you’ll not only learn how to fire up your metabolism to boost calorie burn and accelerate your results … but you’ll likely FEEL a lot better, have more energy, and get better sleep.


And it’ll all happen naturally.


During this mini course, you’ll get:

  • 8 Delicious, Plant-based recipes

  • 7 Challenging Workouts

  • Daily coaching to show you exactly what and HOW to fire up your metabolism

  • Daily action items and worksheets to help keep you on-track



Coming Soon!

the Fundamental Four

a Guide to Building Four Habits Fundamental to Good Health

Discover how to fuel your body to lose weight and feel your best with The Fundamental Four.  The Fundamental Four is a guide to building four habits fundamental to your good health. You will receive an email each week during the program introducing a new step:

Step 1:  Planning for Long-Term Success.  You can’t get long-term results with short-term thinking. In week 1, you will discover how to plan your meals and shopping trips to save time, calories, and money (without feeling deprived.)


Step 2: Moving Your Body.  You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get in great shape.

In week 2, you will identify the best types of exercise to focus on to transform your body and improve your health.


Step 3: How to Eat BETTER, Not Just LESS.  If you want to lose weight quickly and gain it all back, focus solely on the number of calories you’re eating.  But if you want SUSTAINABLE weight loss, you need to focus on the quality of food in your diet.  In week 3, you will discover the 5 most important shifts to make for doubling the quality of your food choices.


Step 4: Fueling Your Body.  The #1 factor that prevents people from losing weight (and/or keeping it off) is the wrong portion sizes.  Undereating and overeating are major threats that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.  In week 4, you will learn how to fine-tune your food portions to lose weight month-after-month (until you reach your goal weight.)


Included with this program is a Bonus Recipe Guide.  This guide contains a fantastic selection of 40+ vegetarian recipes that are delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare.