My Why


Hi! I’m Jenny Forehand: Wife, Mom to two teenagers, two labs and one cat. IIN Certified Health Coach. Eater of a whole food, plant-based diet, meal planner, home cooker.  Runner, weightlifter and biker (the pedal pushing kind). Meditator, nature lover and wannabe yogi.  Lifelong Learner.

When making life changes (big and small), it is important to know WHY. Why is it worth doing? My Why drives me. It gives me focus. So why thePlantBased.Coach? Simply, I want to make the world a better place. (No lofty ideas here :)  I believe eating a diet based on whole grains, vegetables and fruits keeps my body and mind healthy; and helps heal the environment. Healthier people on a healthier planet are happier people. The more happy people, the better the world :)


So how does a plant-based diet help the body? Well, I find the human body fascinating. If given a chance, it can heal itself. Eating plants heals my body and maintains its health. Everyday millions of cells in our bodies need repaired and replaced. Plants contain the essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to build strong cells. (That whole "you are what you eat" is so true!) Plants also contain antioxidants to help prevent and slow damage to cells. And, plants contain fiber to feed the gut and keep waste moving through the body. Plants contain all the goodness your body needs for optimal health.

Likewise, our environment heals itself when given a chance. Eating more plants

  • Reduces green house gasses

  • Saves water

  • Lowers pollution

  • Uses more land for human food production

  • Slows deforestation

  • Reduces destruction of topsoil


The impact of these reasons cannot be understated. What happens when the plant gets so hot that it can't grow as much food and our fresh water sources dwindle?


I also believe education is empowering. It creates a path to healing. Learning helps you know what is possible. It helps you find ways to get un-stuck.


But change is uncomfortable. Change is hard--especially trying to change what you eat. Food has so many social, political, health and environmental implications. You’ve got to know your "why" and then figure out "how". But all that means little unless you to take action. You’ve got to be tenacious as there will certainly be obstacles in your path. All of this can be exhausting and overwhelming.

That’s where I come in. With these courses and coaching support, I want to help you figure out your why and find your path. I want to help you get comfortable on your path. I want to encourage you to keep moving, even when the terrain gets rough. I want your path to become well-worn and familiar—a path you know how to navigate, no matter the weather or season.


Together we can improve ourselves and our planet, one meal at a time.