How To Stay Motivated

Motivation smooths out a lot of bumps on your path to success. And I want you to be successful.

Here’s the thing. Your motivation is like a muscle. And just like your physical muscles, you have to work on 1) building your motivation up and then 2) keeping it strong.

It’s so much more fun to be EXCITED about your fitness & wellness than relying on sheer discipline and willpower to see you through. Feeling motivated also means you’ll be more likely you’ll stick to your program and make real, significant progress.

But, the tricky thing about motivation is that what works for you today might be different than what works for someone else. And, it may also be different than what works for you tomorrow.

This is why you should surround yourself with and USE different tools, tricks, and tactics that keep you pumped up and excited about all the changes you are making!

This can include:

  • Joining a transformation program that has built in support and accountability.

  • Listening to Inspiring Podcasts

  • Creating a playlist that fires you up (and that you listen to DAILY)

  • Reading personal growth books (at LEAST one per month) :-)

  • Watch Ted Talks, watch documentaries, and read about inspiring people.

  • Having an accountability partner or coach who “get” what you’re working for. They may even be working towards something similar, themselves! They challenge you to be your best, and call you out when you need it. They believe in you, and help to keep you on-track (and vice versa) no matter what.

It’s so much easier to stay motivated than it is to re-motivate yourself over and over again. Setting aside a few minutes every day to work on your motivation is totally worth it!

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