I Woke Up Like This

Updated: May 17, 2020

Have you brushed your teeth, washed your face, and changed into “regular” clothes yet today? When you’re stuck at home, it can definitely be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. (I am guilty of this, for sure. :)

And there’s really nothing wrong with that … until there actually IS something wrong with it.

As we’ve been spending more time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are getting much more use out of our relaxation clothes. In fact, I consider one of the side benefits of my WFH career is that I get to wear comfy clothes 24/7! Which is why I feel especially qualified to talk about this topic.

At first, it feels SO LIBERATING to ditch work or professional clothes and wear something a little more forgiving. Especially clothes that have elastic or drawstring waistbands!

But I’ve found that over time, this can have a trickle effect into other areas of self-care. As in, self-care can go out the window. You can find yourself looking at the clock, and suddenly it’s noon, and you still haven’t run a comb through your hair, and your “I Woke Up Like This" t-shirt is taking on a totally different meaning.

This can have a surprisingly huge impact on your energy level AND your mood during the day! I’m not saying that if you aren’t leaving the house that you have to go through your entire get-ready-for-work routine and style your hair, put on makeup, or anything else you normally do. (Though maybe do it once a week, so you don't forget how! :-)

But it is amazing how much better you feel ALL DAY if you take a few minutes to stick with a basic self-care routine. I’m talking about brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing your face, and putting on a FRESH pair of normal pants.

And yes, I’m talking about doing this EVEN IF you think you might work out later in the day and get sweaty. You can always take a quick second shower! (Or perhaps workout as part of your morning routine.)

I’ve talked with a few friends about this. They have noticed a drop in their energy and have felt depressed since working from home more often. But they also noticed it took something as simple as hopping in the shower to turn their whole day around!

Science backs this up. (I love it when science backs me up :) Among other things, studies show warm showers can:

  • help lower anxiety

  • encourage feelings of well-being

  • relieve the need for socializing

But if you’re in the polar bear club, cold showers have their benefits too:

  • increase alertness

  • improve immunity

  • speed muscle recovery

  • stimulate weight loss

Not only that, if you get called into a last-minute Zoom meeting or video conference for work, you’ll also feel your best … a very good thing, indeed.

If you're interested in more tips on staying healthy and sane during the lock down, go through my free At Home Survival Kit. And subscribe to my newsletter. This month we're talking about how to Thrive At Home.



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