Sugar Detox Day 5: Staying On Track

Congratulations! You made it to the final day of your Sugar Detox Challenge! Be proud of all that you’ve accomplished over the past few days. Even if you didn't strictly adhere (giving up sugar is hard!), you have taken an important step to feel better in body, mind, and spirit. That’s awesome!

Remember: It is so much easier to STAY on-track than it is to get back on track.

Here are some things you can do to maintain your lower-sugar lifestyle:

  1. Keep reading those food labels! Sugar is sneaky and it doesn’t take long for it to make its way back into your normal diet.

  2. Experiment with new foods and recipes to keep your taste buds happy.

  3. Watch for triggers! A big one is eating a high-sodium meal at a restaurant – it can make you want to eat something sweet for dessert.

  4. Avoid an all-or-nothing mindset. It’s OK if you occasionally enjoy a treat – and if you decide to indulge, don’t beat yourself up for it! Savor every bite, and then get back to your new-normal (lower sugar) routine.

If you want more support with removing sugar from your diet, check out my 5-Day Sugar Detox ebook.

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